Variable Printing!

Most people order envelopes with just their return address printed in either the upper left corner of the face or in the center of the envelope face or even on the flap. Did you know that we can also print your recipients name and address in the delivery area of the envelope? Well, we can and it is called variable printing. In fact, we can print almost any kind of variable data on your envelope. You can have us print Names & Addresses, Serial Numbers or Member Numbers. We can print most any kind of data that needs to be different on each envelope. All we would need from you is an Excel file filled in with the information you want printed on each envelope and we can take it from their.

RUSH Printing Options!

In general, custom printing takes 5 to 7 days to complete. But we do feel that you need to know that shorter quantities (100 or less) will be printed much faster and larger quantities (10,000 or more) will take longer. We almost always offer a RUSH printing option where you can choose how fast we will print your envelopes. Please keep in mind that RUSH printing will NOT automatically give you a faster shipping method. We are still constrained by the standard shipping times offered by the Post Office or UPS. You can, in additional to requesting RUSH printing, also request faster shipping options.
Lower Left Corner Text

You can choose to design basic text envelope using our online software, or you can upload you print ready artwork to our server. You can also choose to have us reuse artwork from a prior order that you did with us or you can even opt to email us your artwork.

PRINTED - Custom Blue 9x12 Envelopes - 24# | Catalog Envelopes - E942

9 x 12 | Custom Blue 9x12 Envelopes

Envelope Specs:

  • Envelope Part #: E942
  • Envelope Size: 9 x 12
  • Paper: 70# Celestial Blue paper
  • Flap: Straight 1.625"
  • PMS Color (Best Match): 639U
  • Brand: Leader

Product Detail:

Order Custom Blue 9x12 Envelopes and get FREE shipping! Brand bright blue envelopes with company logos, artwork or return/mailing addresses. See a PDF proof before printing. Great for mailing catalogs, magazines, calendars or stacks of 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper.

Match this color with your company branding for a visual statement your recipients will not forget. Suppliers build Custom Blue 9x12 Envelopes with 24# Astrobright Bright Colored Paper. This material is a standard and durable option for envelope construction. The "Celestial Blue" color covers the entirety of the envelope, including the interior.


To use, insert mail through the square flap located on the short side of the envelope. Once your mail is inside, moisten the standard gum seal and apply pressure to secure. This will ensure safe delivery of your mail, yet the seal is not difficult for recipients to break. Need your envelopes fast? Don't stress! We offer rush and expedited shipping options so you can get your envelopes in your hands, right when you need them.

Our art/design team will send you a PDF proof to approve before printing. Once approved, your order is sent off to production. We will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the design of your envelopes. If desired, request a printed envelope template to visualize where you would like your designs to be located. We are dedicated to helping our customers find the best product for their mailing needs.

We offer FREE standard shipping to any location in the Continental United States
(1) Select # Colors to Print

Need a FULL BLEED? Please contact us for a custom quote

(2) Select your quantity

Enter QTY you need to get price! (min 10)

Quantity Price Each
10 $24.00 2.400
25 $42.00 1.680
50 $66.00 1.320
100 $98.00 0.980
250 $167.00 0.668
500 Box $244.00 0.488
1000 $395.00 0.395
2500 $915.00 0.366
5000 $1785.00 0.357
10000 $3430.00 0.343
25000 $8375.00 0.335
Printed using a DIGITAL PRESS

(3) RUSH Printing Options

Printing takes 5 to 7 working days to complete. It appears that Javascript is currently turned off on your browser. Please give us a call to discuss Rush printing options or turn Javascript on to fully experience our site.

(3) RUSH Printing Options

Type # Days Price
Standard 5 to 7 Free
Fast 4 35
Faster 3 55
Really Fast 2 75
Wow! 1 150

(4) Envelope Addressing

We offer a variable printing option for this envelope. It appears that Javascript is currently turned off on your browser. Please give us a call to discuss Variable printing options or turn Javascript on to fully experience our site.

(4) Envelope Addressing

We offer you the ability to add the name and address of each person you are mailing to on to each envelope. Save time let us address your envelopes for you.

Type Price
Variable Printing Free

(5) DESIGN Printing Option

To customize your envelope and save your progress, please log in to your account or create a new one to begin. Once logged in, you will be redirected to the upload or customization page.

Choose a Design option:

ADD TEXT (Return address, etc.)
UPLOAD ARTWORK FILES (pdf, ai, eps, psd, jpg)
Need to preview your envelope before ordering? Please request a pre-order proof.


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