Business Envelope Ideas

Business envelopes are the critical tool that all businesses need to function. Business envelopes let you communicate with your customers by sending invoices and statements, they help your cash flow by making it easy for your customers to pay your bills. Envelopes are still the best way to advertise your products or services.

Business: Check Envelope for mailing checks

CHECK Envelopes


Check envelopes are designed with two windows and are manufactured with window film covering both windows. For added security CHECK envelopes are printed with a blue or black pattern on the inside of the envelope. This security tinted pattern makes it nearly impossible to see the contents of the envelope from the outside. CHECK envelopes are made with either a standard gummed flap or a self seal flap.

  • Recipent address shows through bottom window.
  • Designed for most popular Accounting packages.
  • Sizes: #8 5/8, #9 and #10 Business envelope sizes.
  • Flap: Standard gummed or Self Seal.
Business: Check Envelope for mailing checks

Statement Envelopes


Statement or Invoice envelopes sport a single plastic (poly) covered window. They are made with either an inside security tint or plain. Statement formats vary and so do the window locations on Statement envelopes.

Our most popular Statement envelope is our #10 Right Hand Window Envelope.

  • Recipent address shows through window.
  • Windows can be on the LEFT, RIGHT or offset to match most statements.
  • Sizes: #6 3/4 (Small) to #14 (Large) Business envelope sizes.
  • Flaps: Gummed, Self Seal or Simple Seal.
Business: Check Envelope for mailing checks

Payment Envelopes


Payment envelopes are small envelopes that you send to your customer with your invoice or statement. They are meant to make it quick and easy for your customer to make a payment to you.

We can quickly and easily print your address in the center of the envelope face and can even add other elements: Stamp box, return address lines or a custom message.

  • Designed for Personal Checks.
  • No window. Works best if preprinted with your company address in the center of envelope.
  • Eliminate non-payment excuses by providing a return payment envelope with your invoices and statements.
  • Flaps: Gummed and self seal.
Business: Check Envelope for mailing checks

Advertising Envelopes


Direct mail is alive and well, as long as you use the right tools. Bright and Pastel color envelopes are designed to standout when mailed. We can print your return address and message on most colors.

Studies have show that consumers will open a bright color envelope before all other mail.

  • Get noticed: Designed to stand out in the mail.
  • We offer pastel and bright color envelopes.
  • Sizes: #6 3/4, #9 and #10 Business envelope sizes.
  • Flaps: Standard Gummed.
Business: Check Envelope for mailing checks

Envelope Forms


A paperless office may be the dream but in real life your business needs little pieces of paper and someplace to keep them all in one place. What you need is an envelope form.

Make your employees and volunteers day a little easier. Let us help design an envelope form to help make your business work better.

  • Colors: White, Brown Kraft, Yellow and Orange
  • Designed to receipts, tickets or notes.
  • Sizes: 6 x 9, 9 x 12 and 10 x 13 envelope sizes.
  • Flaps: Standard Gummed.
Business: Check Envelope for mailing checks

Tip (Small) Envelopes


Do you have a salon or a resturant? Make your customers life a little easier, and yours as well. Offer your customer this great little envelopes.

Perfect for tips and gratuities. Small, discreet and easy to use. Customers put their tip in envelope seal it and put the employees name on the outside.

  • Color Choices: White, Manila and Brown Kraft.
  • Sizes: #1, #3 and #4 coin envelope sizes.
  • Flaps: Standard Gummed.
  • Designed to hold: Tips, payments, seeds, small parts, rings, earrings, keys, church offerings, batteries, rubber bands, kids teeth or and coins of course..

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