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Who are We?

What we do isn't rocket science, but how we do it is a bit more interesting…

We provide blank and printed paper products (via the web) to help businesses grow.

We also provide products you might need, just to stay in business. An envelope to mail your invoices? Got it! A custom-printed large envelope to mail your fall catalog? That's right up our alley. A special 3-part form printed on legal size paper? Check! And a whole bunch more.

What makes us unique?

Our vision is to create an online buying experience our customers can't live without.

While we pride ourselves on making the website easy-to-use - and we're always improving it - we back our technology with real people. Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable humans, that answer emails quickly, and will actually talk to you on the phone when you have a question. That's probably why some of our customers have been with us for many years. In fact, 75% of our print customers have come back a second time. We consider that a big win.

A little about our history…

Founded in 1999, Office Express was started because working for big corporations just didn't fit us. We wanted a casual environment, a team that works together, and a place where we could choose to cut the bad customers loose, and go the extra mile for the ones that rock.

Originally focused on blank paper products, we've shifted in the last few years, to providing a variety of print services, and we're currently working to expand those services even more.

It's not often that a small business - and an ecommerce one at that - stays around for nearly two decades. But order from us, and you'll start to learn why…

Our company is data-driven, growth-oriented, and focused on making life easier for our customers. That's Office Express.

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