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Order 5x7 Envelopes and get FREE shipping! Choose from many 5x7 colored envelopes. These A7 envelopes are perfect for cards, weddings, or special events. The envelope measures 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 inches. We have many 5x7 envelopes to choose from that will be ideal for your upcoming event. Match your envelope to the theme of the event, or to your invitations. Choose from our selection of brightly colored, kraft envelopes, or choose white, cougar, or natural for a more classic look. We also offer foil-lined envelopes that add a special detail to the envelope. These 5x7 envelopes are the perfect size for a 5x7 invitation, card, photo, or any insert measuring up to 5 1/8" x 7 1/8".

Available in a variety of styles and colors, 5x7 envelopes are ideal for sending special event invitations, wedding invitations, birthday party invitations, baby shower invitations, and announcements. Save time addressing your envelopes and choose the Printed option. We can personalize any of our 5x7 envelopes with return addresses, mailing addresses, and other artwork. Make the event truly special with a personalized envelope. These envelopes are perfect for a variety of occasions. Pair your 5x7 envelopes with a smaller A2 or A4 RSVP envelope for the complete invitation package. We offer smaller invitation envelopes in a variety of colors to match your 5x7 choice.


5x7 Envelopes


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5x7 White Envelopes

Check out our selection of 5x7 white envelopes in a variety of styles. We offer white invitation envelopes with different flap styles, paper weights, and linings that would be perfect for a variety of special occasions. Shop 5x7 White Envelopes.


All Invitation Envelopes

We offer a wide selection of invitation envelopes in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. We can personalize all envelopes with return and mailing addresses to save you time. Shop Invitation envelopes.


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Are 5x7 envelopes the right size for you?

The most common size for sending greeting cards or invitations, the 5x7 envelope measures 5 1/4" high by 7 1/4" wide. It will fit an insert up to 5 1/8" x 7 1/8". Typically used for sending 5x7 invitations or cards.

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