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Get 9x12 Envelopes with free shipping! Available in booklet or catalog styles. Choose from a wide selection of white, manila, kraft, pastel or bright colors, and get your project noticed.

The 9x12 envelope is one of the most popular envelopes used for mailing. It fits a standard 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper, with room to spare. Depending on the thickness, it can often hold 20+ sheets of paper. It is also ideal for brochures, product catalogs, or presentation materials. This envelope comes in Catalog (open-end) or Booklet (open-side) options, in a variety of colors.

9x12 Envelopes

9x12 Envelopes - Which one is right for you?

How to choose the right envelope.

Styles -
The 9x12 Envelopes comes in two styles - Catalog and Booklet. The 9x12 Catalog envelope has the flap (and the opening) on the short side - or top - of the envelope. The 9x12 Booklet envelope has the flap (and the opening) on the long side - or side - of the envelope. While either could work for a variety of uses, the Catalog is often easier for inserting paper and documents, or collecting items, and the Booklet is easier for including brochures, catalogs, or folders.

Sealing Methods -
Our 9x12 white envelope and 9x12 manila envelope comes in two options, a standard gum flap - requiring moisture to seal - and a self seal strip. Many people choose the self seal strip, to make it easier and less messy to seal the envelopes. If you?re mailing a large number of envelopes, you may find the gum flap faster to seal.

Paper Weights -
When choosing your 9x12 Envelopes, you'll want to keep in mind, they come in different paper weights. The standard weight is 24#. This is heavier than a regular business envelope, and will be sufficient for most projects. But if you're mailing something across country, or plan to re-use the envelope internally, you may want to choose the 28# for more durability.

If you need something heavier, or a special paper type - like Tyvek, etc. please Contact Us.


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