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Shop for 9x12 envelopes and get FREE shipping. Choose from a variety of white, manila, and bright colored 9x12 envelopes - perfect for mailings. These large envelopes are ideal for sending multi-page documents, catalogs and brochures, or other items.

Looking for something you don't see on our site, like 9x12 window envelopes, clear mailing envelopes, or special colors? We have hundreds of items available for special order, many of which can ship in just a day or two. Contact Us for more information!

9x12 Envelopes

Types of 9x12 Envelopes

Not sure which envelope is right for you? The typical 9x12 envelope comes in two different types - catalog and booklet.

The 9x12 catalog envelope has the flap (opening) on the short side of the envelope. This is the most commonly purchased large envelope, and is often used for documents or other mailings. You can choose this envelope with a standard gummed flap, or a quick-closing peel & seal closure.

The 9x12 booklet envelope has the flap (opening) on the long side of the envelope. If you are mailing thicker catalogs or brochures, this envelope can make it easier to insert your documents.

Paper Weights:

Our 9x12 envelopes come in two different paper weights - 24# and 28#. For most standard light mailings - such as several pieces of paper - the 24# will likely be fine. If you are mailing a heavier document, such as a brochure or small catalog, you may want to choose the 28# weight for more durability.

If you need something heavier, or in a tear resistant Tyvek style, these items are available for Special Order.


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