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Order Printed Envelopes and get FREE shipping! Use personalized envelopes to mail letters, checks, invoices, invitations, and more. Use our services to add your logo, return address, and more. Upload your design, or add text & images to your envelope right on our site. Need regular printed business envelopes? We offer a wide selection of envelopes. Ranging from our most standard #10 size to large envelopes that will allow you to mail your documents without folding them. Need to add your return address to your wedding invitations? We can help!


Also, we offer both printed business envelopes and printed invitation envelopes with self seal strips that allow you to seal your envelopes as quickly and as mess-free as possible. Most of all, we want to make your lives easier and speed up the mailing process. Adding your return address, logos, and personalized designs allows you to showcase your brand or message. Let us do the printing for you. Check out our selection of printed business envelopes below that includes windows, security tints, self seals and more. We have a large selection of invitation envelopes in a variety of colors, styles, and paper weights.


Printed Envelopes


Printed Envelopes


Custom No 10 Envelopes

Looking for standard business envelopes? View our selection of #10 envelopes that can be used for all business correspondence. Send letters, checks, documents, invoices, statements, brochures, and more.
Shop Custom No 10 Envelopes.


Custom Window Envelopes

We have a wide selection of Custom Window Envelopes in many styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. Save time by allowing us to add your return address directly onto the envelope. Don't mess with return labels. Shop Custom Window Envelopes.


Custom Security Envelopes

Looking for personalized security envelopes? We can add your logo, return address, or personalized design to your envelopes with a security tint. We have a variety of sizes and styles available. A few of our security envelopes have windows and self seals to make your life easier. Shop Custom Security Envelopes.


Custom Invitation Envelopes

Need to personalize your invitation envelopes? View our large selection of invitation envelopes and find the right one for your special event. Great for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, corporate events, and more. Shop Custom Invitation Envelopes.


Custom Donation Envelopes

We have a variety of remittance envelopes that are great for collecting donations for your school, nonprofit, church, political campaign and more. Use these envelopes for your fundraisers to gain support for your organization or cause. Shop Custom Donation Envelopes.


Custom Made Envelopes

Need something unique? We can create a one-of-a-kind envelope especially for you! Please Contact Us to get a quote. We have access to a huge selection of paper options and closure styles, and can even create a custom size envelope. Learn more about Custom Made Envelopes.


Not finding what you need? Have a question about a printed order? We would love to see if we can make your order - and life - a little bit easier.


Printed Envelopes

Color Options for Printing

Most printing prices are based on the number of ink colors you need to print on your envelopes. If your logo is black and red, this would be two colors of ink. Therefore, you would want to choose the two-color option to find the right price. Also, If your artwork has 3 or more colors, you can choose full-color printing. While one and two color printing are the most cost effective, three color or full color printing will really showcase your design. Need a little help?

Feel free to email our envelope printing team if you have questions. Additionally, we are happy to help with artwork. Or, we can also provide a pre-order proof before you place your order.

Custom Envelopes - Printing Guidelines

  • The Right Artwork Files Make All the Difference
    • First, start with high-quality logos, artwork, etc.
    • Vector artwork (Illustrator) will produce the best envelope printing.
    • If you are using InDesign or Photoshop, make sure your resolution is set to at least 300 DPI.
    • If you are using Word or Publisher, please save your file as a PDF.
  • Help with Artwork
    • Our art department can help you out by: reviewing your files and also offering advice.
    • We also offer design services for a reasonable price.
  • Proofs
    • We can send a free PDF proof before you place your first order.
    • On reorders, we always send a confirmation proof rather than skipping this step.
    • What you see on your monitor is not identical to the finished product, but we do our best to match colors to the best of our abilities.
  • Keep Design Colors In Mind
    • Use PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors to ensure best color match.
    • Use the Uncoated Pantone Color Book, since envelopes are made from an Uncoated paper stock.
  • How many colors?
    • We determine 1-color, 2-color, and full-color printing based on the number of inks used to produce your print. Consequently If you have a logo that is red and blue, and your return address is black, this would be a three-color print job.
  • Choose the right envelope
    • Logos and text will look best on a white or light colored envelope.
    • Black or a dark ink will look best on a brightly colored envelope.
  • Digital vs. Offset
    • We often use a digital printer for quantities up to 1,000 or with full-color inks.
    • For runs of 1,000 or more, we generally use offset printing, unless the artwork requires a special setup.
  • Need help?
    • Call us at (847)425-1070 or email us at, we'd be happy to help you out!

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